Tallinn Art Week is a unique art festival, which includes seven days full of art events, intriguing and instructive discussions, interesting workshops and possibly incredible performances in different venues around the town. Tallinn Art Week brings the best of Estonian and international contemporary art to the people, while explaining how contemporary art is actually integrated with other fields. The motto of 2017 year’s festival was “Take a Stand!”.

The theme for Tallinn Art Week 2018 was “Playing God? The future of humanity…” – explored the current need for speed and consumerism, and encourages us to carefully consider our immediate future. It seemed that science and technology have become the new religion. Relations between technology and the (super)human is a topic that a lot of artists nowadays address. During Tallinn Art Week these controversial topics were discussed through a variety of engaging artworks, happenings and discussions.

We held TAW media relations and coordinated social media accounts in 2017 and 2018.

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